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Welcome to the HR Ask a Question and Registration Page.

You can view answers to our sample questions or Ask a question of your own by completing the registration form below.

By selecting Premier Membership on the form below in addition to viewing answers to our sample questions, you will be able to receive customized answers from a Human Resources professional with at least ten years experience delivered to delivered to your desktop within two hours*.

If you prefer only to see the answers to the questions listed on our Sample Question and Answer page, select the free Basic Membership on the form below.

To use this form, type the correct information into the entry blank below. You can press the Tab key to move from one blank to the next, or simply click in the blank where you want to enter the information and then begin typing. No information is transmitted until you click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

Once the form is transmitted, you will receive a membership notification via email. If you have selected a Premier membership you will then be able to ask us a question. If you have selected a Basic membership you will be able to use all other areas of the site, but will not be able to receive personalized answers to your questions. If you submit your questions during the hours of 8:00 a.m. EST and 8:00 p.m. EST an HR HR pro will contact you within two hours of receipt of your question. If an HR pro is not available, or your question requires significant research or delay we will let you know.

For immediate access to an HR consultant and the ability to receive a personalized answer from a LIVE HR consultant with at least ten years of experience, register and include your credit card information. If you prefer forwarding payment via check, register; print your invoice and forward payment. Upon receiving your payment or credit card authorization your account will be activated. In either case when you membership is activated you will receive a notification email.

HR recommends credit card information for payment of memberships. Some people are uncomfortable about transmitting their credit card number over the Internet. However, we have taken the most technologically sophisticated measures available to protect the security of your transaction. We use secure server (SET) technology. Any information you send to us including your credit card number is encrypted to keep it safe and your information is stored on a secure PC which is not connected to the Internet, so it is safe from unauthorized use. We believe that transmitting your credit information over the Internet is equally as safe as giving your number over the phone or by mail. If you are not comfortable with using your credit card information, print and invoice and mail to use for processing.

If you do not have a question now but need more information e-mail us.

For immediate access to an HR consultant and the ability to ask a question, enter your credit card information now.

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For immediate access to an HR consultant and the ability to ask a question, enter your credit card information now. If you prefer alternative payment arrangements, besides a credit card, print your invoice and forward payment.

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